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How to create a safe sleep space - Toddler edition

Is your toddler in a big kid bed and you don’t know how to make their room safe?

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Most of the time, parents have to transition their toddler from a crib to a big kid bed when they start climbing out of their crib, scary!

Now your toddler has access to the entire room. How can we make it safe? View the room as a big crib!

1. Electrical Outlets

Toddlers love to discover new things and they love touching EVERYTHING. Secure all electrical outlets with plastic outlet covers for example.

2. Cables/Curtain Strings

Hide all cords with a cord cover that you can easily find on amazon. You can do this for the baby monitor for example. Be careful with curtain strings as well. Toddlers tend to play with them and they can end up around their neck which could lead to strangulation.

3. Furniture

All the furniture in the room needs to be mounted on the wall.

The other day, I saw a video on facebook where you could see twin boys who were probably around 2 or 3 years old,  playing in their room unattended. One of them opened the drawers and used them as steps to climb on the top of the dresser. The dresser fell over on the other twin and he got stuck under it for a couple of minutes.

Let me tell you that it made me really uncomfortable to watch that poor kid under a dresser crying and the other one trying to help him as much as he could.

Plus, this is extremely dangerous and parents are lucky that this wasn’t fatal for the little boy.

So please, mount everything to the wall and make sure this cannot fall over. Toddlers are adventurous and they haven’t developed their fear of danger yet.

If nothing can’t be mounted on the wall, simply remove everything until your child is old enough.

4. Bathroom access

A lot of times, kids have a Jack and Jill bedroom, which means they have access to the bathroom directly from their bedroom. Make sure this access is closed.

We do not want any accidents happening in the bathroom, such as slipping or drowning.

5. House access

Since your toddler has a big kid bed, they can come out of their room and access the whole house. There are plenty of different options you can use based on your comfort level.

You can install a door monkey, you can lock the door from the outside, or you can install a baby gate.

This is completely up to you but remember that safety comes first! You really don’t want them to walk around the house while everyone is sleeping!

If you have learned anything new today, or if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comment sections or by email We love reading you and you can help us create contents that you need.

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